Spring Clean Up Days – May 23 & 24

Village of Melrose


The Village will continue its tradition of holding Spring Clean-up this year.  The following procedures apply:

  1. SPRING Clean-up days will be held on May 23 & 24….two days only!
  2. Large items (couches/furniture/electronics) must be scheduled for pickup and paid for in advance with the Clerk. See prices listed below!
  3. Other Items that will not fit in a garbage bag, may be left on the curb for pick-up.
  4. All items small enough to fit in a garbage bag, must be placed in garbage bags or they will not be picked up. Use one of the options below:
    1. Option 1: Place items in Yellow Village garbage bags.
    2. Option 2: See the Clerk and purchase a $3.00 tag that may be placed on a 33 gallon black plastic bag.  (You must purchase your own 33 gallon black plastic bags.)

NOTE:  Only Yellow Garbage bags or those 33 gallon black bags with a Village tag on it will be picked up.

If you have questions…call the Clerk at 488-3191.


Appliances (includes refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, humidifiers etc.) $15.00
Sofas, Hide-a-Beds, Stuffed Chairs $10.00
Metal Chairs $2.50
Mattress & Box Springs (per item) $15.00
TV Sets $20.00
Microwave Oven $15.00
Computer Systems $12.00
Computer Monitors $8.00
Tires (per tire) $2.00
Fluorescent Bulbs (per bulb) $.75